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In the rapidly evolving world of construction technology, 360 walkthroughs have emerged as a game-changer. It’s no longer about just recording progress, but about an interactive, holistic view of a site that offers invaluable insights in real-time.


The process is precisely as it sounds. At OcculAIR, we integrate a 360 camera into our construction helmets and make our way through the site. These cameras don’t just take pictures – they also record the exact GPS location of each capture. Once the walkthrough is complete, all the data is uploaded to our processing platform, Drone Deploy. The magic happens here – the images and the exact walkthrough path are matched and superimposed on a floor plan. The result? An easily navigable, comprehensive view of the construction site.

These 360 walkthroughs differ slightly from virtual tours. Their essence lies in their efficiency – they’re designed to be swift, making frequent captures feasible. This quick capture ability ensures a tighter review process, allowing for more regular and detailed inspections.


  • Time-Efficiency: These walkthroughs are hosted on a web-based platform, providing easy access. Imagine the convenience during meetings, when stakeholders can pull up the latest captures and confirm the status of specific site features.
  • Virtual Multi-site Visits: For managers overseeing multiple sites, this tool is invaluable. With a dual-monitor setup, one can refer to blueprints on one screen and navigate the 360 walkthrough on the other, facilitating a virtual yet detailed site review.
  • Historical Compare Feature: One of the standout features is the ability to overlay and compare various walkthroughs. Such comparisons are particularly beneficial for post-construction reviews, like checking installations post drywall.


Capturing images might seem straightforward, but there’s a depth of knowledge and understanding required. It’s imperative to be familiar with camera settings, especially when working on construction sites with challenging lighting conditions due to the lack of installed lights.Our expertise ensures each capture is clear, despite varying conditions.

Moreover, consistency is key. Our teams follow walkthrough maps to ensure each project is captured efficiently and systematically.

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