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The construction industry has always been about innovation, from materials to methodologies. And in this digital age, drones are pioneering a revolution in site documentation.


Traditionally, drones might evoke images of stunning landscapes or cinematography. But for us at OcculAIR, drones play a pivotal role in capturing comprehensive photos and videos of ongoing construction projects. These aerial missions typically occur weekly to bi-weekly, and to ensure minimal disruption, are conducted after hours or during weekends.

Why use drones for this purpose? We’ve identified three primary reasons:

  • Inspection and Planning: Ever tried to use Google Earth for site analysis only to find that it isn’t up-to-date? With drones, we can capture current conditions of the site, providing vital information for staging and planning. A classic example is the strategic placement of roofing trusses. Their positioning is crucial, not only to avoid damage but also to ensure optimal site activities. Drone footage allows off-site strategic thinking, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Stakeholder Updates and Marketing: We’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Multiply that with a video, and you’ve got a potent tool for communication. Our clients frequently leverage these digital assets to connect with their customers, showcasing progress and instilling confidence. Moreover, these images and videos, portraying often unseen building aspects, tell the stories of skilled tradespeople, celebrating their work and promoting company culture.
  • Historical Record: Documenting the journey of construction isn’t just about capturing memories. These digital assets serve as a future reference – a visual insurance policy. Whether it’s tracing an installation that’s now concealed or verifying a particular component, having a comprehensive record is invaluable.


It’s not just about having a drone or a license to fly it. It’s about precision, consistency, and expertise. Here’s how we stand out:

  • Advanced GPS Technology: While a commercial GPS provides a margin of error spanning meters, we leverage RTK GPS (Real Time Kinematics), achieving accuracy within mere inches. This distinction is crucial for repeatable results.
  • Automated Flight Routes: Software like DroneLink and DroneHarmony help pre-plan our missions. This not only guarantees efficiency but also consistent results essential for progress tracking.
  • Systematic Cataloging: We work closely with clients to design naming conventions, ensuring quick and easy access to the digital assets. After all, what good is documentation if it’s not easily retrievable?
  • On-Site Expertise: Navigating a construction site isn’t for the uninitiated. From understanding the potential wind shear caused by building changes to ensuring safe flight paths in proximity to operational cranes, our team knows the ropes. It’s not just about FAA Part 107 airmanship but harmonizing with the dynamic environment of a construction site.

In conclusion, while technology continues to reshape industries, it’s the adept integration of these advancements that truly makes a difference. With drones, OcculAIR is redefining site documentation, blending innovation with expertise for unparalleled results.

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